For this project, I collaborated with a team to make the branding for CoMotion. CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I was on the experiential team where we created an Augmented Reality Postcard and an Instagram filter. I collaborated with the graphic design team to make these visuals come to life.
Full Credits

Creative Director: Aanvik Singh
Art Director: Marly Koven
Producers: Rachel Golla, Alexis Dow
Lead Animator: Desmond Du
Lead 3D Animator: Stephen Mok
Animators: Harshitha Suresh, Kyle Switzer, Isabelle K Winarto, Kaleb Sweeney, Cathy Lin, Meg Aki, Erica Kim, J.C. Petrofsky
Lead Designer: Tiffany Lo
Designers: Antara Ghosh, Jessica Liou, Alexis Wang, Tiffany Tedy, Peter Wang, Xinxun Liao, Yining Li
Lead Graphic Designer: Josie Glassman
Graphic Designers: Punasa (Bee) Sihsobhon, Meghna Shourie, Nicole Lin, Claire Lin, Sophia D’Alleva, Stephanie Sandoval
Lead Experiential: Samantha Woods
Experiential: Juan Pablo Silhy, Alyssa Mackersie, Meghan Romance
Web Developers: Amadeus Cameron, Isabelle Duffner
Composer: Miguel Concha
Lead Documentation: Libby Nett
Documentation: Caitlin Crooker, Savitri Trivedi
MOMELove: Alexandera Marca, Cora Keene, Shivani Varandani, Lauren Neu, Fatema Sultan, Claire Lin, Peter Wang, Samantha Woods, Tucker Ziegler, Maria Chiuz, Harshitha Suresh
Special Thanks - SCAD Motion Media: Kelly Carlton, Duff Yong, Dominique Elliot, John Colette, Michael Betancourt, Minho Shin, James Gladman, Brandon Sugiyama, Walter Woods, Christina Maloney, Matt Van Rys, Alessandro Imperato
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